February Waning

I sit here with Sunday before me, yet February nearly behind me and I ponder.

What to do with an entire day.

What was done with an entire month.


The day promises so much because it holds so much time. I have lists and lists and lists

of things to do.

Some I want to do.

Some I need to do.

All will not get done.

But the possibility is there.


Nearly gone except for that one extra day earned this particular year. Tomorrow.

It has been a month of smiles and sadnesses. A month of victories and losses. A month of sunshine and snow! A month of goals accomplished and new goals to meet.


I look forward to capturing those slices. Capturing life as it happens. I look forward with excitement and trepidation. Much like the way I look forward to each day’s possibilities and back at each past months memories.

SOL Day 1 is a mere 2 days away; my “Here I go” is closing in!



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