Routines; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We love them and we hate them.

We thrive on them and we curse them.

We follow them and we blow them to smithereens.


My Saturday morning routine is heavenly. There is none! Well, that is until 10:40 or so when I finally succumb to the end of my heavenly nothingness, pull on my sneakers and head to the gym. If not for that 11:00 class (and my instructor who accepts no excuses) I would be able to stay blissfully blank.

Or would I?

In my classroom we thrive on routines. This particular year has shown me the value in solid routines and procedures. The children kind of fall apart when their routine changes. So it is Good the we have routines, and Bad when they change (which, let’s face it, they do all of the time), because then it can get really Ugly! Hahaha, teachers, you know what I mean!

I was wondering if I applied the need for routines to my life so I sat back and looked at my life. I have morning routines that ensure I get to work on time (that would be a good routine, really bad to be late because it makes for an ugly day, always trying to catch up). I have nighttime routines that ensure I have everything ready for my morning routine (if A then B kind of applies here). I have a routine at lunch even, it allows me to enjoy some free time (good) to eat and kind of catch up on the day so far so I don’t neglect anything I intended to do but forgot in the flurry of activity called a third grade day (avoiding the bad and the ugly). I have routines for feeding my dogs, correcting papers, cleaning the kitchen, tending to the dishwasher, doing laundry, buying my groceries, paying my bills… Lots of routines, all good.

So what’s bad and ugly?

Cooking (or at least eating) routines are kind of nonexistent because I loath taking the time to cook. The good news, at least for this week I am happy to report Blue Apron helped me there. I actually discovered that having a cooking routine in front of me made the process more fun.

House cleaning should probably be the next routing I ponder. Perhaps the Ugliness of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting… could improve and feel less Bad with the implementation of a Good routine.

I’ll think about that when I get back from the gym.



7 thoughts on “Routines; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. I love our classroom routines and I feel like the kiddos do too. Some of them come from homes with absolutely NO stability. Our days are planned with little change from week to week so they know what to expect.
    Please write a post about Blue Apron. Sounds like it would be handy after school.

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  2. I just used Blue Apron this week too! I also found the way the outlined things very helpful. For my family, routines provide peace. My oldest with Asperger’s hates weekends and summer vacation because of the lack of routine. Thanks for your insights!

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    1. Yes, really surprised me how much I enjoyed the cooking and the meal! I think we all forget sometimes that what works so well in our classrooms can and should work for us outside of that home away from home as well.

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  3. I totally struggle with routines because I am too creative. But, I have discovered more ability to put energy into how I want to use my creativity when I keep certain routines. For example, writing two hours a night. This only started with a routine. I’m glad I’m not alone.

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  4. I’m a retired elementary teacher and yes, the class functions on routine. I did the best I could to maintain a daily routine and if it deviated…well…you know the scenario. I’m not as routine in my personal retired life but am realizing I need to be…otherwise exercise gets bumped to the end of the day and then I’m too tired. Now, it’s the first thing on my list each day-weather permitting. Loved your post as it felt so personal and sparked good memories of my teaching days…and some bad, ugly ones too. haha

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