I woke up this morning full of excitement. My husband had been talking about a forecast for weather in the 70’s this week and I was ready! I dressed in layers fully expecting to be peeling them off as the day went on and the weather improved. Spring!!!

Then I picked up my phone and saw there was a notification, a weather notification:

Light snow stopped!


“What’s today’s weather supposed to be?” I asked my husband.

“Oh, only mid 40’s,” his casual reply.

I guess spring isn’t starting today. That’s when the word popped in my head,


Winter is still lingering. Of course winter is still lingering, it is March.

I remembered my sons’ stances on what was the best day of the week. One of them, or it could have been both of them, contended it was Thursday because the entire weekend, including Friday, was ahead of you.

Thinking of it that way it seems March is to spring what Thursday is to the weekend. It’s that long month of sameness before the break, before Spring. But it’s a whole month and therefore within that month, winter lingers.

So back to lingering.

Because we linger over lots of things and many of them are really good things. Like

cups of coffee

happy moments





cool drinks

quiet times


we linger and we fill up with stamina, the stamina to make it through to the next moment worth lingering over.

So back to March, that Thursday before the weekend, that month before spring. I will try to linger along with you. I’ll enjoy my warm fleece, evening fires, warm soups, sustaining stews, heated seats, and cozy scarves a bit longer while I linger away winter, awaiting the promise of a nice long




10 thoughts on “Lingering

  1. Yes, we are still lingering here in northern NH too. This winter has brought warm and cold, but now I ready for the warmth to stay. Next week maybe? I’ll try to enjoy this lingering. Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. My favorite line that I lifted from your post is: March is to spring what Thursday is to the weekend! The good news is that the weekend always arrives and so will spring. Next weekend we spring the clocks ahead and that will push us even closer! Welcome Spring!

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  3. We’ve had such strange winter weather where I am in Vermont, that I’m not quite ready for it to be spring yet — not until we’ve had at least one proper snow storm! I’ll be happy to linger in winter just a little longer.

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  4. As we move inextricably towards winter here in Australia, you are patiently awaiting winter’s departure. I enjoyed the unfolding of your piece. You lingered over the lingering times and I enjoyed your treatment of this theme. I liked the connection you made between lingering and the opportunity it presents to rebuild stamina. There is something in every season upon which to linger.Thank you for highlighting this important realization.

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  5. I loved your piece. I lifted the line “we linger and we fill up with stamina”. I’m in NJ too and I can tell you I wasn’t so happy with the snow on Friday morning.

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