Ten Things; A Tip of the Hat to Opal

My class adored Because of Winn-Dixie. There are 4 lists of students waiting to borrow my 4 copies, I had to pick names out of a hat, just so they can relive the story. Today they were making “10 Things I Know About” lists, like the list the Preacher gave Opal about her mama. I overheard, “10 things I know about football” (that was from my Dallas Cowboys Fan) and “10 things I know about Captain Underpants” (my resident graphic novelist). At the beginning of math I asked them to name “10 things they know about division.” It was a test review day and the idea just popped in my head. Wow, that went really well! They were funny trying to come up with new things, especially when we got near the end and “the good ones” had been used up. I am definitely tucking the idea in my brain for future reviews of what we know and maybe a hallway project of some sort!

But tonight I have decided to try it here, so here it goes:

10 Things I Know About Writing

  1. Writing is hard but fun.
  2. Just when you think you have nothing to write about, something pops in your head.
  3. Sometimes you start to write something but it changes along the way.
  4. The more you write, the better you get.
  5. Your writing sounds different when someone else reads it.
  6. Writing can help you learn things about yourself.
  7. Writing makes you pause and think about daily events.
  8. Writing helps you connect things you do, say, and think.
  9. Writing will surprise you because you actually do have something to say.
  10. You will be surprised and impressed with what you write when you look back and read your own words some day.

Thanks Kate DiCamillo for planting the “10 Things” in your book so they could grow!


14 thoughts on “Ten Things; A Tip of the Hat to Opal

  1. So much to love about Winn-Dixie! Using the list of ten to review is a great idea. I have had kids write a list of ten about someone they know well. The most surprising line that came out of that:
    My dad can kill a deer with a machete. I will never forget that line!

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  2. I really love how your students were yelling out their lists. This says so much about your classroom! In the course I used to teach for struggling high school writers, I had them research and make a list about something that is meaningful to them. Great assignment!

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