I saw them today, pink blossoms just beginning to pop on a Magnolia tree, yay!

The grass is green, the branches on the trees are all “redding up”, and the sun peaked out enough to make us squint.

“What’s the temperature, Mrs. Scannell?” the children all hollered before we headed to lunch. I check my Apple Watch (very handy to have the temperature right on my arm!) and reply,

“64 degrees!”

“Wow, it was only 45 when I came in this morning for Robotics,” enthused one.

“And it was only 59 when I asked you before snack,” agreed another.

“Do I need a coat?” “Is this top ok?” “Can I wear this?”

“Boys and girls,” I reminded them, “I told you the temperature, you can see the sun is pretty much out, think about the how you felt outside playing on Tuesday when it was 67. I recommend something more than a t-shirt but you have to decide. You can listen to my suggestion, or choose not to,” I added. I really believe they need to learn to make informed decisions. I ignored my mother once when I was in high school. I was going to a night football game and didn’t want to wear a coat. I have brought a coat with me ever since!

But still, there are blossoms waiting, does it matter anymore?

A group of teachers walked to Sonic for lunch. Half price milkshakes for St. Patrick’s Day, go figure. It was a much cooler walk than we expected. “I wish I wore a heavier jacket!” said one. “I didn’t expect it to be this cool,” added another. “It certainly looked nicer outside,” replied a third. And they were right, it is not full blown beautiful weather, not yet.

But still, there are blossoms!

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