I’m not sure what is worse,

well actually I do know what is worse!

There is nothing worse than a loved one who is sick.


“No, you cannot go to work!”

Even if I would go to work.

“No, you cannot just sleep all day, you must go to the doctor!”

But I would just want to sleep and I rarely go to the doctor.

“Here, eat this and drink that and you need some medicine.”

Well, ok, I actually would eat, drink and take my meds.”

It always seems worse when you can’t crawl into their skin and feel what they’re feeling. When you can only look on from the bedside, see the sweat, watch the thermometer, listen to the breaths.

Get better!

3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I hope this sickness moves swiftly through him and no one else gets it! It is so hard to watch a loved one be sick. I was sick Monday and took enough meds so I didn’t have to miss Tuesday. It’s just what teachers do. 🙂

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