Hahaha, So I’m Not That Crazy!

My neighbor drives a car similar to mine. Actually it is the exact same car (usually) but it looks different all the time. Weird, huh?

Some days I look over in Larry’s driveway and I see a white car but some days the car is silver. Or is it? Or was it…white? Maybe it was always silver.

Then there are days when I see a sedan, not an SUV at all and I think,


Today as I was coming home I passed Larry in his (now) silver SUV. I pulled over for a neighborly chat.

“Hi Larry!”

“Hi neighbor!” (Larry always says that.) “Happy Easter, do you and Rich have any plans?”

“No, not any big plans, we will probably have the family over, maybe barbecue,” I replied.

( It was then that the question I’d been pondering sprang to the forefront of my mind!)

“Larry, why do I always feel like you are driving a different car?” I blurted out before my mind had even caught up to the fact that my question probably sounded just a little odd.

“Because I always am,” he countered with a grin.

The quizzical look on my face must have prompted him to explain because although he had answered my question I was still perplexed.

“My daughter works for Volkswagen and they have this family plan. I bought the car but it gets changed out every few months.”

(Again, the stupid look on my face probably prompted yet another explanation.)

“So I have this car now (the silver SUV) but I just recently had a white one. That one was really awesome, it had all the bells and whistles, this one is a little more sluggish, but once it gets going it drives like a champ,” he explained.

“Well, Larry, I am so glad I asked you this question because I just could not figure out what was going on!”

Lesson learned today,

Sometimes you just cannot figure things out on your own, you just have to ask a question. And it could save you from thinking you are absolutely going crazy!


8 thoughts on “Hahaha, So I’m Not That Crazy!

  1. I’m glad your mystery was solved with a good answer that means you are NOT going crazy! Your slice made me smile–I’ve had that feeling before and it DOES drive you nuts wondering if…you are going nuts!


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