The Mall





Some days are just mall days.

They are rarely planned.

They happen just because.

I think I need shoes.

I want to peek at some jeans.

My hand cream’s run out.

I hear there’s a sale.

Let’s go to the mall!


Some mall days are such good days.

They rarely are planned.

They just work out that way.

I’ll take both pairs.

These fit like a glove.

Two for one or five for three?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

It’s great at the mall!


Some mall days bring us together.

You can’t plan them, it’s true.

But for this daughter and her mom

Today just worked out that way!


Somedays are just mall days!


One thought on “The Mall

  1. I remember life before the mall. When the mall first appeared where what used to be a cow pasture….my mother and great-aunt would spend all day browsing. Now I live 60 minutes from the nearest mall and get there once in a blue moon. So glad you had a perfect MOM/DAUGHTER day.


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