Such a great







Writing will inspire you to think differently about everything you see, do, say, hear, experience. It has done that for me over this past month. I just find myself thinking about my place in this world, my space in this world, differently because I choose to write about it.

Reading what others write inspires me to live outside my little box in this world. I find myself pondering others’ feelings and experiences and comparing them to my own. Sometimes what I read makes my life feel very small, sometimes very good, sometimes very ‘meh’. But it is all ok because that is what a life is, unique!

I’ve tried to inspire my friend to write for a few years now. I know she has a special voice. I know there is an audience out there waiting for her. And finally I found the voice of inspiration I have needed to get her to reach out to the world and speak! And I found this voice because I creeped out along that ginger limb and took that chance with all of you Slicers! I was nervous, I didn’t know what I was doing, I wasn’t sure I could meet the challenge, but I did. And I love it!

So, here’s to

My friend has found a place for her voice and I am so proud of her!



4 thoughts on “Inspire

  1. Good for you and good for your friend!! March really is a special time when we are able to take this time for ourselves to pursue something that is a part of us–maybe long-hidden, maybe new. Congrats to both of you for finding the time for yourselves.


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