Timing is Everything

It is true. Looking back at the end of February, remembering the shorter days, the drearier landscapes, the whole “sick of winter” feeling that pervaded each moment, I realize now that I was actually poised before a portal! March was that portal! Because when you come out on the other side,

the days are a lot longer

the landscape is abloom

and I can’t really remember that “sick of winter” feeling, it’s just…


But wait, there’s one more thing, one more really big important thing…

we danced through the portal together!

Sometimes life feels so all alone. Winter exacerbates that feeling. But this year I found myself soaring into spring because of this little challenge I undertook, this Slice of Life undertaking. The days ticked past as I posted and read, posted and read. It became an energy flow and when I realized it was almost over and I lifted my head


It has been great! Hope to see many of you at the Tuesday thing! I have to check that out now. Happy writing, happy spring, happy “somewhere through the portal!” (By the way, I have always wanted to find a portal!)


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