Looking Forward

Such a positive phrase, looking forward. I sit here at the end of a perfectly lovely spring break from school and I find myself looking forward. And I think, “Yes, I am truly looking forward!”

I am looking forward to:

seeing my class! I really am. They are a funny, quirky, at times naughty, yet endearing group of third graders. We have three more months together as a group identified as “Mrs. Scannell’s class”. We still have books to read together, problems to solve together, learning to explore together, and laughs and good times to be had with each other.

getting outside! This is such an awesome time of year here in New Jersey. Each day flirts a tiny bit more with those adjectives we all yearn for; gorgeous, beautiful, ten best, beach weather, lovely…you get the picture. It doesn’t matter that we just struggled through an intense thunder and lightning storm that left gale force winds behind; we know each week, day by day, we will be fulfilled with the promise of more good days than bad. Or at least we really hope so.

trying new things! I love the stride you hit at about this time of year. Your class knows the routines, they can hum along like a well oiled machine (can, don’t always), you know each of them like the back of your hand so you can really start to target those individual needs. And that is what lends itself to trying new things. Try stuff out that you didn’t think of or didn’t think you could manage earlier in the year when everything was so new! Work on those areas of your day that could be better, try new schedules, new routines, heck! move everything around in your classroom!

summer! All of a sudden those summer plans are looming as a reality. That vacation you have been planning needs some final touches. That professional development you have been pondering requires some decisions. That extra work you know you can pick up here and there, whether it is a job, curriculum writing, tutoring, or teaching summer school needs some planning for. And then there is all that time that stretches out before you; time to read, exercise, catch up on movies, learn new things, play. This past week I practiced for summer. Over the next few months the weather will practice for summer. And in that cycle of life called a school year, things will wind down, reports will be completed, tests administered, end of year stuff will happen, and ultimately so will summer.


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