Hang in Daffodils!

Every time I open my blog and see my picture of last year’s daffodils I think of the struggle this year’s daffodils have had. Spring arrived as expected here in New Jersey and we enjoyed a spell of lovely weather. Trees budded, grasses greened, daffodils bloomed and then…


We are just not used to this here in New Jersey. We get colder weather, rainy weather, but we just do not dive back into winter like this. I would just gaze out at my daffodils thinking, “Hang in there, guys!” And it seems to have worked because they are hanging in, as are the buds on the trees and the green grass. Nature seems to be withstanding nature and I can’t help but think about struggle in general and how, in the end, a balance is usually achieved.

Take any classroom, for example. The struggle to meet everyone’s needs, the struggle to guide each child along their personal road, the struggle to meet all of the expectations of your parents, the changing requirements put on everyone either because of district, state, or federal mandates. All of these struggles match your stride, step for step, throughout the year. But you keep standing! Your kids keep thriving! Your parents are pleased! And you meet all of those requirements!

Who would think that daffodils could be the poster flowers for taking on a struggle and surviving!


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