Keep Sending the Message!

To get better at anything, one must practice. Hence the rush to abandon whole chunks of our time each March to writing and slicing. Today marks the beginning of SOL! Something I learned last year is not only a rewarding endeavor, but also an enlightening endeavor. By doing something often you will get better.

The problem is, the message might still get lost.

Let me explain with a short story. This morning I got an email from a parent. He wanted to share a story with me. A ‘Tale of Two Wills’. The will to do what’s right, be it your actions or decisions, vs the will to do what’s wrong, be it your actions or decisions.

It all started in the cafeteria (I know, you are thinking, “Of course it started in the cafeteria!”).

It seems some of my students were bottle flipping (“Of course they were bottle flipping!”)

Well the story goes on and some children were doled out a lunch detention and the (appears to be) guilty party went off scot-free. But none of these details are the important theme here. The important theme here is:

The children need more practice doing what is right and being honest about their actions.

They are third graders, little children. They know the difference between right and wrong but they need more guided practice implementing correct choices. They go along really well for a while and then one day they practice what they know a little less, and a little less, and before we know it, making good choices is no longer part of their repertoire. It’s just gone!

Sort of like at the end of March last year I vowed to keep writing if not every day at least often. But before long that decision got less practiced and then it was gone. And the message got lost; to get better at anything, one must practice!

Today, I will begin to practice writing every day, again, in the hopes of continuing to get better. And today, I will begin to guide my student’s choices, again, in the hopes of helping them to continue to get better.

And we will once again try to remember the message!


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