Spring Chills

I bought a bike today! Yay! Spring fever is setting in and the great outdoors is calling.

Not so fast. The day began like many days began this winter, with temps in the thirties. That’s to be expected. It is, after all, winter. But the sun was out and the air felt glorious. My son is out visiting from California and he was accompanying me on a grand adventure: to test ride and hopefully purchase a new bike.

When my husband and I visit our son and daughter in law in California we spend a lot of time on bicycles with them. California and bicycles just go together and since Dan and Christina own eight bicycles there is no reason not to! The problem is that popping in on this lifestyle and finding ourselves riding 30, 40, or 50 miles a day can lead to really sore posteriers! To combat this we decided to ride more here in New Jersey, develop and strengthen some of those, ahem, muscles.

Last weekend, on a balmy 70 degree day, we purchased a most awesome road bike for my husband. We went for a ride later that day, Rich riding his light and fast new carbon road bike, me on my 15 or so year old hybrid bike. Let’s just say I was working really hard to keep up and he was patiently waiting at the top of all the inclines (I call them hills!). But it was Spring! And we were out on our bikes! And it was good.

So today, after a cool start to the day, I naturally expected that same warming trend. After stopping at 3 bike shops I made my purchase. Now I was the proud owner of a beautiful carbon road bike, a bike that would propel me up those inclines (maybe I wouldn’t need to call them hills anymore!), and help me prepare for whatever California wanted to throw at me. And it was March and the afternoon had arrived and the day was going to turn out just beautiful, right?


It was March, and the sun was out, and the day was…


What? What had happened to Spring? It was Spring last weekend! Well, no matter, my new bike was calling so we layered up and set out for our ride. It really was awesome!

But later that day, in the early evening, after the sun set and the air decided to turn really ugly and cold, guess what? It snowed! So my Spring fever turned into a Spring chill but no matter because I can ride those chills away. We must be halfway through the Groundhog’s 6 more weeks of winter by now, right?



One thought on “Spring Chills

  1. I’m sorry you had spring time weather changes got in the way of your bike adventure. What a great purchase you made. I hope your practicing helps you out when you visit to California. I could probably use a new bike myself.


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