Does Everything Need a Point?

Today I named my new bicycle.

Huh? What is the point in naming a bicycle? It won’t come when you call it. You won’t be able to identify it by its name if it gets lost. You won’t need to make a collar for it with a tag, “My name is…” So what is the point?

That’s just it. Sometimes there isn’t a point. It’s just something you do. When something has a name it just means something. Perhaps it denotes ownership, affinity, or fondness.

Today I named my new bicycle. I had been thinking of its name since I bought it. I had been thinking of its gender as well. We went for a long ride today and I felt, well, trust. Yup, trust in my new bike. And then the name came to me, out of the blue (and, ha ha, my bike is matte gray and blue)…Arrow. The name is linked in my memory banks to a show I saw on TV a long time ago. The show was about a little boy and his dog, Arrow. They had a special relationship built on trust. I remember the theme song to this day, “Me and my Arrow, straight up and narrow, wherever we go, people all know, it’s me and my Arrow.”

It just felt right.

I mentioned my decision to my husband and son. My son looked up the show and we watched it, just because. It was called, “The Point”. (I had forgotten that.) It was about a small boy named Obleo and his dog Arrow. They were searching for the point but learned sometimes there is no point, there just is. Kind of like naming a bike. There really is no point. It just is.

If you remember the show, I wonder if the theme song (by Harry Nilsson) comes back to you the way it has always come back to me. If not, look it up. Listen to the song, watch the show. Not for any real point but just because.


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