Wound Up!

Well, that was the phrase of the day all right, the kids were all wound up! It was unusual because Mondays are often on the calm side. My students’ Monday face is usually subdued, sleepy, a little shy. It can even be a challenge to motivate them on Mondays, they almost seem to be sleeping something off!

Not today! They came in ready to rumble.

It is times like these when we teachers have a lot of choices to make. Because let’s face it, they are the majority party! We may be the Commander in Chief, the Big Kahuna, the CEO (though typically I go by the title of Queen) but let’s face it, when the majority are dancing to their own tune a choice has to be made.

Choice #1: Yell. Hmm, let’s think about this. The majority  is off their rockers. Is making yourself hoarse, irritated and on the verge of apoplexy going to matter? Yeah, no.

Choice #2: Change your course. Think of it as a huge traffic jam, you can stick with it and get nowhere or, you got it, change your course and get somewhere. Somewhere is better than nowhere, right?

Choice #3: Work with all the excess energy rather than against it. Get in there and coach the living daylights out of them. Get them to do (a lot) of turn and talks. They are all talking all day anyway, so channel the chatter into something focused. Get them to assess each other, provide the feedback, insist on the higher bar, rather than you. They are not listening to you anyway!

Well today Choice #3 was the all out leader. They coached each other on how to refresh after a weekend in writing workshop and assessed each others’ story problems in math. And they were tough on each other too! “You forgot your question mark right here,” was heard again and again.

It helped (I think) that we had an afternoon assembly on dancing, clapping, singing, and (yes) yelling! Yelling for the pure joy of it. And then we went home.

Sometimes the end of the day comes just in the nick of time!


3 thoughts on “Wound Up!

  1. Oh my gosh, my juniors were crazy today too! My student teacher and I were perplexed by the high energy level for a Monday. I didn’t change course, but I did finally get them on board with what we were doing. I like #3!


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