Marching Through

March is a funny month. Not funny ‘haha’, the other funny!

We start out with the whole lion vs lamb thing. That first day of March comes along and we begin predicting the last day. Freezing first day of March? There’s the lion so we will be going out like a lamb. But what if March dances in with a breath of fresh air, what does that lamb of a day tell us? Do we really have to hit bottom again on the 31st?

And what about that Groundhog? On March first we are nearly 4 weeks into that 6 more weeks of winter prediction, right? So what happens when that lamb-like weather on March 1 translates into the lion on the 31st, shouldn’t we already be at least 2 weeks into spring by then, according to the Groundhog?

Here’s another scenario, let’s analyze this one. March 1st mildly pleasant, then WHAM along comes the 2nd and winter is back with a vengeance. Does that one day of pleasant weather doom us to an end of the month blizzard? What would our Groundhog have to say about that?

This year March has felt more like February. February was so mild that I kept thinking we were in March and now that it is March I feel like I have slipped back in time. It has been cold and windy. Until today, oddly enough it was rainy all day but it actually felt a little spring like outside.

But the days are getting longer and the sun is getting sunnier and the grass is even getting a little greener. So for all of its funny ways I guess I’ll take March. It’s a long month punctuated by unreliable weather but each week that passes brings us closer to that most joyous of all seasons, Spring!


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