Are We All Crazy Now?

I’m curious if life in schools is a little more crazy everywhere these days. Or is it just in my district. Because we have some pretty crazy stuff happening at the administrative, faculty and student levels!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the troubles and drama surrounding us that we begin to think we are the only ones. Then it begins to weigh you down. And darkness can begin to loom. Then the darkness lightens but that is only because all has become the new normal.

I just had to kind of put this out there today because although we had a really tough week the reality is that we have had a few really tough years. And I teach in a really nice school district! So is it us or is it today?


2 thoughts on “Are We All Crazy Now?

  1. I always LOVED my teaching days in the classroom with my students but could not stand ‘the crazy stuff’ that went on outside the classroom. The future looks even more bleak, but then every generation says that, right? 🙂


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