10 Things I Know About Winter

Blah! Winter is back with a vengeance. February brought hopes of an early spring but ever since March began the weather has spiraled downward. Cold weather, blustery winds and even snow have become the norm. So I decided it was time for a list. Hmm, what kind of list? I could bemoan all the things I could be doing if spring had come early. I could complain about all the reasons more winter is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing. I could rail against the many problems exacerbated by winter. But no, I can’t do that. What would be the use in that? Instead, I’ll take my lead from the book, Because of Winn-Dixie. I’ll model my list after Opal’s desire to remember what her father, the Preacher, told her about her mother. Opal’s list is “10 Things I Know About My Mama” and mine is…

10 Things I Know About Winter

  1. The winter season is 1/4 of the whole year which means it lasts about 3 months. Therefore more of the year is not winter.
  2. Many people depend on winter. Snow plow operators, snow blower mechanics and sales people, snow shovel and salt merchants, winter apparel merchants, the ski industry, and, probably anyone who sells hot chocolate for a profit!
  3. Cold weather kills bugs!
  4. Snow helps replenish ground water and reservoirs.
  5. Teachers and kids enjoy a snow day or two.
  6. Winter segues into spring eventually.
  7. Snowy days can be really pretty, kind of like living in a snowglobe.
  8. Cold winter weather allows us to really appreciate the mild weather when it comes.
  9. It’s the best time of year to enjoy a fireplace if you have one.
  10. Soup tastes much better in winter!

There, my list is complete. List or no list, winter is with us for a bit longer. I’m going to try to appreciate the season for what it is rather than wishing it were something else.

But when spring finally gets here, I’ll wave bye-bye with glee!




6 thoughts on “10 Things I Know About Winter

  1. I like this list – great way to write it! And the positive perspective is fun to read – so many good things about a season we both don’t love! : )


  2. Winter would have been much more enjoyable with snow… around the holidays instead of in March!! I do love winter but it is time for spring!


  3. I love your positive Winter list. I forgot about Opal’s lists in Winn Dixie. I’m going to use this idea with my grandkids when they visit next week. “Ten things I know about Grandma’s house.” 🙂


    1. Good idea, and I love the positive spin on Winter, which truly isn’t awful all the time. Your list’s #5 is a great perk of Winter…but unfortunately my school district has had NONE of those this year. 😦 ~JudyK


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