When Monday Becomes Friday

Today was the strangest day. It was Monday (obviously, you say) yet it had the feel of a Friday. A storm is looming and all of New Jersey was under a Winter Storm Warning at the beginning of the school day.

Ok, been there, done that. But then the change came.

Blizzard Warning. Well this is different. And the snow totals! 18″, 24″, 30″

Wait a minute, this is New Jersey and it is March. We have already danced with 70 degree temperatures. This was the winter of one snow storm, one and only one. It gave us a snow day and that was fun and now we are done.

Think again, New Jersey! As the morning wore on it became clear that we were not going to be in school the next day. It stopped being a question. Even the children knew it. And yet there wasn’t that boiling over of behaviors that we see when a big weather event is brewing. It was a relatively calm day both inside and out.

It felt just like a Friday. There was that relieved Friday feeling of, “It’s Friday, I can manage anything.” And we all did just that. We walked through our Monday that felt like a Friday and made our plans for when we would see each other next. And that brings up our next question, when will we see each other again? Interestingly enough my colleagues were banking on a two day “weekend” but my class was leaning towards Wednesday as usual.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! In any case, TGIF!


3 thoughts on “When Monday Becomes Friday

  1. Stay safe, stay warm. I will be thinking of you as Storm Stella spreads her fury. Nice line: “We walked through our Monday that felt like Friday…” That”ll throw the entire week out of kilter.


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