End of the week or beginning, let me think.

I’m finalizing weekly plans, beginning of the week-check.

Did my grocery shopping for the week, beginning-check.

Who has meetings, who can be home to feed the dogs, beginning-check.

Setting my alarm again, beginning-check.

Finished my laundry, ready for the week, beginning-check.

Filled up the gas tank, beginning-check.

Now wait a minute, laundry and gas? Didn’t I need to take care of them because it was the end of the week? Do they get priority because it’s the end or the beginning? Hmmm.

And that alarm I just set, definitely because of the beginning. Or is it because the weekend is over?

And where did those groceries go? I just bought them a week ago, right? Those lesson plans were needed because last week ended.

Just where does Sunday belong, what should I be feeling? Beginnings or endings.

Sunday, what would you like to be?


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