On Book Clubs

I finished my Book Club book today. It was one of those books that I would not have ever read, primarily because I had never heard of it and it has not ever popped up in front of me whilst perusing Amazon. And I peruse Amazon a lot! It was chosen by my Book Club last fall at a meeting I could not attend due to illness, so I wasn’t even in on the conversation about the book. When I looked the book up in preparation for buying it (I always buy my Book Club books, be it hard copy, digital copy, or (now at times) Audible edition) it struck me as a book I would like, but questioned if I would love it.

Well, I savored the last few chapters of that book. I did not want it to end. I had fallen in love. In love with the story, in love with the characters, in love with where the author took me! The book? I have already mentioned the title in an earlier post, the book is A Man Called Ove (pronounced Oova) by Fredrik Backman. I actually listened to it in my car each day on my way back and forth to work. And as the book came to a close I thought about how thankful I have been over these past 22 years for the amazing women (and one gentleman) I have shared books with!

Reading with a Book Club expands your mind. You read books you otherwise would not have chosen. You see things in books you otherwise would have missed. You push yourself to read more books in a time frame than you otherwise would have made time for. A Book Club has you always on the look out for the Club’s next great read. A Book Club gives you the words you could not find to describe what a book felt like while you were reading it. A Book Club encourages you to defend not just a book, but the choices its characters make as well as your opinion of the book’s value.

My Book Club has morphed over the years. Members have come and gone. The number of books we read has varied and the frequency of our meetings has waxed and waned. And all of that is ok! Somehow, we have managed to keep at it and to that I say, Bravo! I encourage everyone to at least consider forming or joining a Book Club. If you can be half as successful I feel I have been you will be glad you did!


4 thoughts on “On Book Clubs

  1. Congratulations – you are so lucky! These were my favorite lines, “Reading with a Book Club expands your mind. You read books you otherwise would not have chosen. You see things in books you otherwise would have missed.” Great reflection!


  2. I can’t find a book club and so I may just have to start my own! I love how they take me out of my comfort zone. I read this book (Man Called Ove) earlier this year and it has changed how I think about people. I gave it to my daughter and really didn’t think she would like it or even read it, but she did and she loved it too. It transcends generation.

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