Today is definitely one of those days. I have had tickets to see Hamilton for nearly 10 months. I bought them last June after the Tony Awards. A new block of seats was going on sale that night. My friend and I stayed up specifically so we could get tickets. My husband had long gone to bed, he thinks I’m a bit batty for doing things like this. He really just doesn’t get it!

Anyway, the ticket window opened and I got to work. There I was frantically typing and waiting and reading and following on-screen directions and typing and waiting. My friend just sat there saying, “What? Anything?” I would shake my head, or flare my eyes, or shrug my shoulders until…

Four tickets appeared! And the little ‘Pay Now’ box was there. OMG, we were beyond excited. I bought the 4 tickets and then it was just a matter of waiting, for nearly 10 months, to go to the show. No problem, a lot of life was ahead of us in those 10 months so the time would fly.

That month, for Father’s Day, I got my husband the audio version of Ron Chernow’s ‘Alexander Hamilton’, the book that Lin-Manuel Miranda based the show on. I thought I could drum up more enthusiasm for the show in him. He listened to it and really enjoyed it, I listened to it next. We got so involved in ‘Hamilton’ that it was followed by audio books on Jefferson, Adams, and finally Washington. My husband was hooked and we were finally both looking forward to seeing the show.

Then the ‘hiccup’ occurred. I wrote about this yesterday but basically my husband had to have a surgical procedure performed on Thursday (2 days ago) and guess what? No ‘Hamilton the Musical’ for him. He cannot go to the show. He is fine with it. We both are actually because the successful outcome of the surgery (and the fact that it is behind us now) supersedes the disappointment. But tonight will be bittersweet for me.

But when you think of it, bittersweet is ok. It means the good (or great) tempered by life,  right? Tempered by the fact that life goes on and continues to happen, whether we like it or not. Our stories are playing out, one day at a time. Sometimes we watch the events unfolding (like waiting for your husband to get through same day surgery) and sometimes we orchestrate them (like purchasing tickets to a show) but what it always comes down to is we have a story, a life, to live, so keep on living, and enjoy the story!

Just don’t throw away your shot!


11 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. What an optimistic way to view life. I’m glad your husband’s surgery was a success and I also hope you get to see Hamilton one of these days.


  2. We couldn’t go either. On the plus side, I was able to sell my tickets so it was an experience loss more so than anything else.

    I hope your husband recovers well.


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