Life Hiccups

My husband and I are on the other side of one of life’s hiccups. This is my new term for it. Picture this, life goes along, normal, perhaps a little boring. You make plans, go out to eat, look forward to vacations. Then you get a few symptoms, go to the doctor and next thing you know, you’re in the hospital having surgery.

At first I was terrified. Then I spoke to a few people in the doctor’s office and came to realize that, although scary and inconvenient it would all be ok. His procedure was certainly no fun but he did well and is recovering nicely. We will need to wait on final reports before breathing the big ultimate sigh of relief but we both feel better that the surgery is behind us. But still, it was a hiccup. An interruption. And a reality check.

I remember my friend telling me, after battling breast cancer, that she used to believe that her work as a hospice minister would sort of expunge cancer from her life. After she was diagnosed she felt cheated and let down. Then she came to realize that you go through things in life regardless of who you are and what you do. I get what she means now because my husband and I lead pretty healthy lives. My husband, especially, is so ridiculously fit and healthy. But it still didn’t prevent illness. Just like illness needn’t prevent living your life.

So to all of those hiccups in life, wherever you are and whatever you may be, I say,’Begone!’ You can dance through my life like you probably will, but I will withstand your barrage and so will my family and friends. And dear friend, wherever you are right now reading this, stay strong in the face of life’s hiccups.


4 thoughts on “Life Hiccups

  1. I’m glad your husband has come through his surgery well. I hope all of our life hiccups can pass smoothly.

    (Something about the link you leave on TWT doesn’t allow me to access your blog. I got here by clicking on your name instead of your link.)

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