Fractions Are Fun!

Yup, that’s what I overheard one of my students say today. I chimed right in with, “They are fun, aren’t they?” Because you know what, learning about something new is fun. Since today is our second day of learning about fractions, it is new and it is fun!

Learning IS fun and all we need to do is sell our students on that idea. Because teaching really is a sales job, isn’t it? We are selling the notion that staying focused and thinking through something challenging is fun. The key is to keep things challenging enough to keep everyone focused and having fun.

Today’s fraction lesson had more than half of my students naturally engaged. They wanted to learn more and were successful enough in their early attempts that it kept them hooked. So what about the students here were struggling with these new concepts? Well, they received a good old strategy. I took a post card and drew a diagram for them to use to help them retain what I was teaching. And that brought smiles to their faces as well.

So I guess it is true, fractions are fun. Learning is fun. Challenges are fun. And you know what?

Teaching is fun too!

2 thoughts on “Fractions Are Fun!

  1. I love it, “Teaching is fun!” And I always had fun teaching. Anyone who doesn’t, should not be teaching, because if teaching is fun then learning is fun. šŸ™‚

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