Time Passed So _________

It is relative, isn’t it? Time passes so





I often marvel over the ways time passes in my life. I make a hair appointment every 5 weeks (lots of gray to keep in check) so I see Jennifer about two to three times each season. That December appointment sounds like,  “See you next year!” Then that January appointment sounds like, “Wow, see you in March! The year is flying already.” Leaping through a year in 5 week intervals is interesting that way. So much can happen that when I check in with Jennifer again we don’t have time to talk about all of it (time passed so quickly) or you hit that period where you are just waiting to get through it (time passing painfully).

But time does pass and life does go on and stories do develop.

So here I am one year later blogging again for the SOLSC! Each year I intend to write more during the year, that hasn’t happened yet (time has been passing too quickly) but that’s ok. What is incredible is rereading one’s blog posts from the end of last year’s SOLS Challenge and realizing where you were when you left off. Because you really never can tell where life is taking you.

That being said and pondered I must add that this past year has been an adventure of a lifetime, not one I would wish upon anyone but an adventure never the less. It involved locating oncologists and surgeons in NYC, spending time with my husband all summer on our ‘chemo Wednesdays’, waiting for side effects that never really happened (my husband is incredibly strong and healthy, despite…), watching a loved one undergo life changing and life ensuring surgery, and then enduring the healing process.

All in one year!

And we did it. And he is back at work and feeling great (like the doctors all said). And here I am reflecting on it and blogging again (like I said I would).

And I have my March hair appointment in 10 days.

Time may pass (fill in the blank) but it does pass and it’s good sometimes to pause and think about that!


4 thoughts on “Time Passed So _________

  1. My post today was about a similar theme (what’s changed in the last year) but we didn’t undergo anything as life-altering as chemo. I remember the struggles from my mother’s own cancer journey, and it’s not easy. Happy to hear he’s back at work and doing well!

    (And you are so right about how we can measure time in hair stylist appointments. What a funny thing that is!)

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    1. Hair appointments, dog groomings, pedicures, report cards…so many things we measure time by! And yes, it was a life altering year, and we measured time in 3 week cycles, but happily things are much better! Thank you.

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