A Peloton Moment

I woke early and slipped out of my warm, cozy bed. God I hated doing that. I could already tell from how bright it was outside that it had indeed snowed. The weather forecasts were calling for it and as we drove home last night at around 11 pm some “weather” was already beginning to fall. It was that wet indistinguishable type of precipitation that could go either way.

I peered out the window, lifting the shade a bit so I could see the driveway. Oh, yeah, snow. I dressed in my riding shorts and t-shirt, carrying my sneakers so I would make less noise, and headed downstairs. Saturday morning. A whole day of possibilities ahead of me. A few appointments as well. Training session at the gym. Hair appointment at noon. Probably be a movie and pizza night because, why not? Always a good way to celebrate snow (as if I need an excuse for pizza!). Have to squeeze a little school work in, do some planning for the week ahead.

I opened the door to let the dogs out. “Hey guys, what do you think of that? Snow!” They wagged their tails and snorted a bit. Then they charged out into the white fluffiness of it. The cold harshness of it. Definitely looks prettier from behind a closed door. I pushed the door shut, adding a layer of insulation between myself and the March ‘lion-ness’ we were experiencing here in New Jersey.

After the dogs came in and I had fed them I hopped on my bike. Time to deal with some questions. How was this weather going to affect today’s plans? I streamed the local radio station to hear weather and traffic updates. Began to compose a mental text to my trainer at the gym, did I want to just cancel our 9:00 or leave it hanging for another hour. It was only 7:00 so there was time for decisions.

And then it happened.

My husband and I only recently purchased our stationary bike. We both decided it would make our winter efforts at exercising much easier and more likely to happen. We set it up in our laundry room, right off the garage. Rich turned it to face outside, towards our back yard. When my mom saw it she said, “It looks like those commercials! I always say to myself, who has these homes with places for bikes that face such amazing views?” I didn’t know what she meant until I saw the commercial she was talking about. It’s an ad for Peloton Bikes. The homes and the views are extraordinary! We both laughed about my bike being like that.

And like I said, then it happened.

My ‘Peloton’ view to the backyard.
And my Peloton moment.

5 thoughts on “A Peloton Moment

  1. Awesome! A sign of spring. Soon, you will be riding that bike outside. I’ve been dealing with the same dilemma of snow for the last few weeks/months (Central New York), and I vowed to run every day for a straight year since July 26th (on a challenge from my daughter). Yesterday it was a balmy 36 degrees and I ran past many birds that are beginning to reappear – a sure sign that spring is coming.:) Have a great day of exercise and everything else! Hopefully, the snow won’t slow you down. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Suzanne –
    Wow! That’s a moment to remember, for sure; your day seems complete already – just for that. Thank you for sharing this. Since we lost her six years ago, I often think of my mom whenever I see a cardinal. Wonderful!

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  3. As I was reading I was thinking, “Is she crazy to go riding in the snow?” You see, my grown sons go running in the snow,. If I had a view like that, perhaps I could have some workout equipment at home…definitely a Peloton moment!

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