The Next Adventure

I’ve been pondering a comparison in my head for a bit now. As we react to the rapid escalation of all things related to the novel coronavirus I can’t help but think about technology. Technology rapidly escalated in our lives as well. Rather than our old comfortable bags of tricks, we have each learned to leap up and grasp entirely new bags of tricks. And now, thanks to all those new bags of tricks, namely our embrace of technology, we have the means of facing this next adventure.

As I went through the day yesterday with my class, preparing them for the distance learning we would be embarking on, I talked but I also listened.

“Yeah, guys, this isn’t a good thing. We aren’t staying home to have fun. We’re staying home because bad stuff is happening. I don’t want this to happen,” one said as they came in the door that morning. Obviously they are concerned about what is going on in the world. They are hearing talk and it worries them.

“My dad says it’s different than vacation. He says I’m going to use my Chromebook to do school work and then I can also play and have fun,” another explained as we were putting things in our backpacks. Obviously their parents are stepping in and lending a strong guiding hand. They understand what we are all trying to do and maintaining a sense of normalcy for their children.

“But I’m going to miss you guys. I just want to hang out!” a sentiment spoken by many. Ahhh, here is a big one! The social aspect of life is huge. Some kids will be very cut off from all they have grown to love about their life right now.

“I’m going to miss you Mrs. Scannell.” Yup, I’m going to miss them too.

So I continued explaining what I was planning for them and how they would be using their Chromebooks (so excited about bringing them home). And that’s when they leaped into the next adventure with me.

“Mrs. Scannell, can you set it up on Classroom so we can just write stories?”

“Can we bring our writing notebooks home and keep writing? I have a lot of stories in here that I never finished.”

“Can you read to us while we are home? Maybe you can read “The Wild Robot Returns!” (We just finished The Wild Robot.)

“Can we write to each other? Like, can we see each other in Classroom?”

Wow, these kids, having technology as part of their bag of tricks and can already see where this could go. The virus is scary but they trust the adults in their lives to take care of that. Now they just want to hang out with each other, keep having fun.

Now I just have to catch up to them and make it happen! Good luck everyone!

13 thoughts on “The Next Adventure

  1. You do a great job showing all the different aspects that affect us as we stay home and use technology to learn. I almost brought home The Wild Robot Returns because I just started reading it aloud to a class! Maybe I’ll go back and get it on Monday! Kids do like read-aloud! And I could record myself!! Thanks for sharing. It helps me know I am not alone as I begin this next 31 days of unprecedented times.
    (Teacher of Reading 6 in Arlington, VA.)

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  2. I’m so glad that you had the time and space (however brief) to prep your students. Think of the stories they will have, that they will share. I’m working with preschoolers, and I know this is going to be a tough journey for them and their families, they are such creatures of routine and their world is so disrupted. Here we go, learning as we go!

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  3. So smart to let the students take home their Chromebooks. I wish our district had thought of that. This is obviously a difficult situation, but it is one time I am thankful for technology that will allow us to continue to instruct our students and stay connected. Good luck to you!

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  4. This is delightful. You dance between the negative and the positive artfully, invariably ending with what is promising about this new situation, for that I am grateful. I love the way your children immediately recognize all of the techno- possibilities inherit in this endeavor and run with them. I know you’ll be right on their heels along with them. Me – I’d be breathless to catch up! Thank you for a positive spin on this uncharted adventure!

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  5. Suzanne,

    Your conveyance of this post is so beautifully written, from the capture of their concerns to the heightening of their hopes. However, I think what excited and resonated with me most was to watch the ebbing excitement of their desire – to write!

    In so many unfortunate instances, writing has become a source of angst for students everywhere. I cringe each time I hear someone say how much they “hate” writing, followed by horror stories of feeling pummeled in the process of sharing their thoughts on paper – my own sons among them…

    But in your room…look at the glee!

    “Can we just write stories?”
    “Can we bring our notebooks home and keep writing?”
    “Can we write to each other”

    and among my writing-related favorites…

    “Can you read to us?”

    You have warmed my heart in a way that is hard for me to express, but I am pleasantly overwhelmed at the affection you’ve stirred in these students for the written word. It lets me know that you are an exceptional teacher.

    Thank you for sharing your gift – you’ve already made the world – a better place.

    ~Carla Michelle


    1. Thank you Carla. I enjoy the uplifting nature of your posts each day. I do believe when one maintains a positive outlook it has a positive effect on those around. I was absolutely delighted with how my students turned to writing as the vehicle they wanted to embrace! Communication is vital to our existence and our happiness!

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      1. I’m so glad to hear that, Suzanne! I’ve had so many painful experiences in life! I have much work to do to find an equilibrium of sorts. I think everybody, and I do mean everybody, should have a heaping dose of positivity!

        I’m still floating about your students (#sigh). I’m glad that they are looking forward to sharing their writing with one another. It is a testament to your inspiration. #jobwelldone

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