Schedules Save…Everything

Whether you love them or detest them, schedules can help. I’m really bad at maintaining a schedule. My attention tends to flit about like a butterfly. Speaking of butterflies, that makes me think about those Monarchs. I meant to plant a my milkweed garden but now it may be too late. Oof, I’m just going to have to…

Sorry. Back to schedules. I am writing about schedules today because they can help you accomplish things. A schedule is a path. All you need to do is follow the path, one lesson at a time. Yes, but, hello, what about all the interruptions? It’s a rare day that plods along exactly the way it is supposed to. Why, I’ll bet in the last…

Oops, I did it again (you can begin humming here because I am). Double sorry. Back to schedules. All kidding aside, there are times when a schedule is a vital step to success. And honestly, right now, if the middle of what we are going through, schedules are needed more than ever.

Because nothing is as it should be!

My school district is in its second week of distance learning. We are being encouraged to live by schedules. We have provided our students’ families with schedules. Schedules that they can use to keep their little ones (or not so little, I teach third grade but we do go up to eighth grade. And speaking of eighth grade) Stop that Suzanne! Stop flitting after butterflies! Stick to a schedule!

Exactly! Our families aren’t the only ones who need schedules. We educators need them too. Because we are all in uncharted territory here. And if we aren’t careful we might fall deep into a rabbit hole. Like Alice. And look what happened to Alice! Why would anyone actually eat an unknown item that says “Eat me”? Makes no sense…

There I go again. I have had some fun with you today. Because what is left if we don’t allow ourselves a little fun? So build yourself a schedule. Then build yourself some fun. Do you want to build a snowman?

5 thoughts on “Schedules Save…Everything

  1. This is lovely. You had me laughing out loud and nodding in agreement over following a distraction until- wait! Get back on track! I loved your cleverness in weaving an important point through an uplifting, light-hearted post. Brilliant!!!!

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