Personality Plus

What does this mean? Truly? Is it intended to shed glorious light upon the person one is speaking of or, well, let’s just say (nod your head here, smirk a little, maybe raise an eyebrow). Because let’s face it, there’s personality, no personality and then there’s PERSONALITY PLUS!

I got thinking about this notion yesterday when reading a blog about a horse. Yup, a horse. A horse with personality plus who runs around and, well, kind of terrorizes the other horses in his pasture. The blog got me to thinking about a pony my aunt had when I was a young girl. Linda, a Shetland pony, had personality plus. She could really take you for a ride. Or not. My aunt lived on an apple orchard and so that is where we typically rode, through the orchard. But if you weren’t careful Linda would grab the bit and take you for a ride. A ride through the orchard at a lightning fast pace, right under a low hanging branch, are you picturing the scene? Off you would go! The rest of the day spent chasing that cute little “personality plus” pony around the orchard.

This train of thought got me to thinking about the kids I went to school with back in the day. Some of them were definitely in the “personality plus” category. I remember one boy I went to high school with. Everyone loved him, who wouldn’t, he had personality plus. There was a faculty vs the seniors basketball game that the entire school community turned out for. Big event, right? Just the venue for a personality plus prank. The game was exciting, everyone was having fun, but that wasn’t enough, was it? Nope. At just the right moment, when a winning shot was being blocked, Teacher A went up, Personality Plus just happened to be holding his shorts, and oops! The whole school got a story to tell. Personality Plus got detention.

So, I go back to my original query, what does personality plus mean? Because we have them in our classes every year. They warm our hearts and drive us crazy. They lighten moods and darken countenances. They bolster with their bluster and add bluster along the way. And right now, while we are all far from each other, they are still the life of the party. And I am grateful for the smiles they bring to our lips, the stories they provide us, and the charm they can wangle on a moment’s notice. Especially when they know they’ve been outed!

And let’s face it, some of those Personality Plus types grew up to be educators. Thank goodness!

5 thoughts on “Personality Plus

  1. I…LOVE…this post! You have personality plus in your writing! And I needed this lightheartedness. I’ve been having a long conversation with an educator that has been most disheartening as we review the realities of the tragedies we’re experiencing in education right now.

    You have helped me go to bed on a happy note that I so desperately desired. Thank you so much for lightening my heart.


    ~Carla Michelle

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    1. I believe in lightheartedness. Even when I set out to write in a serious tone I find playfulness wends its way in. I love reading your posts because you always manage to inspire and enlighten. It seems your natural state! Have a wonder-ful day!

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      1. What a beautiful reply, Suzanne! I take every word to heart. That lightheartedness that you speak of is most refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing that light with all of us. We really need it right now. ~Carla Michelle

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  2. Ah, you conjure up so many memorable personalities in my life, and in that al all of your readers, I am sure. What a delightful post, and so true! We have them in our families, our work place and in our friends. They are larger than life and perfectly offset with those who are most comfortable behind the scenes. Great post and terrific notion here. Thank you!

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