Reaching Out

My third grade team came up with a great idea yesterday. It all began when our two inclusion teachers let us know that they had been called upon by a parent to reach out to her child who was showing some anxiety. So they did. And that led to a second call to a student who the team felt would more than likely benefit in a similar way. This led to yesterday’s text.

“As a result of these two phone calls we (the inclusion team) have decided to call all of our students. We wanted to let you know in case you wanted to do this as well.”

This was late in the afternoon on Tuesday. There was immediate feedback.

“I love the idea.”

“Let’s plan it together.”

“You can use Parent Square to sign up for calling times.”

“I like the idea of signing up so it’s not hit or miss.”

“When should we start?’

“Someone needs to help me!”

“I can draft a letter and everyone can do their own time slots.”

“It can be like a surprise for the kids.”

And that is what we did. We sent out a Parent Square inviting the parents to sign up for a time that would be convenient for us to call. We used the “Request Volunteers” tab to set time slots for parents to choose from. We included a unified, yet personal, message. And then we hit “Post Now”. This all occurred by about 6:30 last night.

As of right now I have 13 of my 19 students signed up. I can see that only one bounced back because we are working on getting an updated email address. Everyone else received and/or opened the post. I expect to hear from the other 5 families today or I can simply reach out again. Beginning at 10:00 this morning and up until 11:30 I will make my first 5 phone calls. This will continue tomorrow and Friday. And tomorrow I have afternoon “office hours” as well. Four time slots of 5 phone calls each.

Reaching out became a reality. All because of one text to a team. It goes without saying that the feedback from parents has been tremendous. They included notes along with their sign up, “Thank you so much!”, “She will be so excited!”, “This is so nice!” and the like are the little messages we are receiving. It feels good. It feels a little more normal. It is the little stuff, right?

8 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. This is an amazing idea! Unfortunately, I have 130 students, but I’m hoping to start emailing each of them individually today. I checked on my most vulnerable last week and I’ve been posting to Classroom almost every day to send some encouragement. I love that your team got together to put this on for your kiddos. And I know the parents are so thankful for you all!

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  2. Connection is so important. This is so great. Your students will cherish these moments of time just with you. It’s so hard to be away from them. LOVELY idea. We are setting up google hangout meetings too…

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  3. It is the little stuff. After my second Google Meet with my students today, I can see how much seeing their teachers and each other means. It’s worth the time and a bit of chaos. Good for you and your team for doing something that will matter so much!

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