it is all good

I have to reflect on this one year. It has been a year. This sort of 62nd year of my life. My birthday is in August so (if my math is correct) it is technically half of my 61st year as well. But it has made every other year of my entire life pale by comparison. And yet, let’s think about this, because maybe not!

There was that first year I was born. My mom told me I walked at 9 months. That must have been a struggle. I wonder what drove me to walk that young? I don’t view myself as a terribly competitive person yet I must have felt driven. That must have been a year.

There was the year when I was about 9, maybe 10, and my grandfather took me to Congo Jones’s stable in Tinton Falls, NJ. The farm sat right alongside the southbound NJ Parkway exit. The farm is gone now. But I learned to ride a horse. I still remember climbing up on Goldie’s back. When I looked down it was soooooo far. But I was sooooo proud. That must have been a year.

And then there was the year when my mom was sick. She couldn’t care for my brother’s and me, ages 11, 9, and 1. We went to live with my aunt in upstate New York. It was a great adventure for us because my aunt lived on a farm. But my youngest brother began calling my aunt mommy. He was confused. Our lives had erupted. That was a year.

My wedding. My beautiful wedding day when my Richie Rich became my husband. I remember how my face hurt from smiling. I remember my family throwing shoes at us as we left for our honeymoon (for good luck, not because they wanted to get rid of us!) We traveled up to New England on the first road trip of our lives together. (There would be many others.) That was quite a year.

Then our sons were born. And we traveled to all 50 states. And we camped in National Parks. And we flew to Alaska and beat the sunset and got to see it again. And we welcomed a daughter in law. And we raised puppies to become dogs, great companions! And we said farewell to friends and family who moved away, or passed away. And we hugged and continued on. They were all years to remember.

So, when I think of this past year, and I think also of my whole life full of years…I realize that for how crazy and “unprecedented” (aren’t you sick of that word!) and really really not good it has been, in retrospect, it was just a year. Like each and every year has been and will continue to be. And if I dwell on the right parts, if I choose not to let it overshadow all.the.other.years that I have lived on this great Earth, then, well, even though it has been quite a year…

it is all good.

9 thoughts on “it is all good

  1. You make a good point about this being a year like others and you found a great way to tie in your memories of hardship and joy. There are many happy memories, but I have to say that traveling to all 50 states and camping in national parks sounds fantastic!

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  2. I love the way you frame the perspective… you are right.. each year is a journey with challenges and celebrations big and small. You captured this beautifully with sweet and poignant anecdotes to make it all the richer.

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  3. I love the positivism here. And you are right. Once we are through this, many will look back on it and say, “Remember that year we wore the mask and went to school half days all year?” Certainly, some have suffered irreperable losses, but for many, it will be just another memorable year. Distance helps smooth things out… Thank you for putting the perspective in a positive frame – good reminder!

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  4. YES. This was…just one year. One year with a LOT of tumult and turmoil. Then again, looking back on my own life, there was a fair share of joy and wonder and tragedy and devastation throughout the years. This was a year we got through, and perhaps time will show us that we have grown or learned in one way or another. It’s all we can hope for… =)

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