A Little Spring Egg-quinox

One morning in early March I greeted my class with an announcement. “Children, very exciting! Rodger is coming!”

“Who is Rodger?”

“He is a guest who will be visiting,” I said.

“Is he a leprechaun?”

“No, he is not a leprechaun,” I replied.

“Why is he coming?”

“He comes every year,” I replied.

“Is he coming tomorrow?”

“No, he is not coming tomorrow,” I replied.

They were asking the wrong questions. But it was ok because it was a few weeks away until the first day of Spring. That was when Rodger, the Egg Day egg, would return to our classroom. But for now I was letting them guess.

As we got closer to the first day of Spring the questions began to improve!

“What is Rodger?”

“Now that is a good question. He is an egg.”

“An egg?” “What kind of egg?” “Will he hatch?” “Will he become a chicken?” “What if he falls on the floor?”

It was pretty funny, listening to them process what I was telling them. Rodger, you see, is the egg I stand on the first day of Spring. I do this every year. He was named Rodger by a student about 10 years ago. It is one of my quirkier traditions and it is a lot of fun. There are myths about standing an egg on the first day of Spring but I just do it because it was introduced to me many years ago by my husband’s grandmother. I’ve done it ever since then. And this year was no different. Except…

“Spring begins on March 20th.”

“That’s a Saturday,” one of my students replied.

“I know,” I said. “So I don’t know if Rodger will be able to return.” Well, that turned into a whole flurry of ideas and concerns. But I reassured them that I would try to bring Rodger back. I explained to them that Rodger would be far more willing to return to the class if they remained calm and quiet. We discussed sound waves and how I have witnessed prior Rodgers falling as a result of loud noises (true!). This news usually results in a calmer, quieter group of students.

On Friday, March 19th, I brought 2 eggs to school. As you can imagine this resulted another whole round of questions. When midday came I took an egg out of the container so I could give Rodger an identity. I drew his eyes.

“You should give him a mask!”

“You are right, I will give him a mask!” And I did. I reassured them that before I left school that day I would stand Rodger up. I reassured them that he would want to return to spend time with them. I told them that I would take a picture of him and send it to them as soon as it was true.

Rodger is back! Happy Spring Egg-quinox!

4 thoughts on “A Little Spring Egg-quinox

  1. I’m curious after reading your previous slice and trying my own version of Rodger – is there specific timing of this? I couldn’t get my egg to stand up! I still love this slice and your previous one, however.

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    1. The theory is as close to when spring arrives as possible. Yet there stands Rodger the day before. So I would say more art and practice! Try again today, you never know.


  2. Awww – you are so good! This is a tradition that stands the test of time and that your students will never forget. I love his mask and that you can’t keep a good egg down. That should be a metaphor for all of us as we move through these times with stamina and grit. Rodger is a steadfast exampl on the importance o balance – literally! This is a wonderful recount of a great day with you and your kiddos. I love how you pique their interest by telling them a little bit, but only enough to keep them wondering and guessing – keenly attuned to what is happening.
    This is masterful in real life, and on paper:)

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