My Buddies

After reading Melanie Meehan’s post yesterday about her dog and his personality quirks called, “Adjusting Like a Pro”, I was thinking about my two dogs, Harry and Ace. I decided to post about them and the funny differences they display. Harry, a labradoodle, is all about his people. “I’m with you guys!” is the look he tends to give us as he sits ever nearby, drinking in our conversation and assuming he is in on whatever delicacies are being passed about at the table. Ace, our Rottweiler/junkyard dog (I’m kind of kidding, it was a construction yard) mix, is all about the adventure. “Did someone say out, did someone say out, did someone say out,” is the soundtrack in his brain. He has taken down numerous squirrels, at least one chipmunk (really hard to do), a young groundhog, and let’s not even think about those poor bunnies who insist on trying to live in our yard (dumb bunnies?). “Put me out, I’ll take care of them,” is Ace’s motto.

But Ace, the warrior, is also our sweetheart. He loves family and friends when they come over. He has his favorites who know they are not going to get past him without one of his kisses (all 70 pounds of him making one quick leap up to bestow a quick lick to the face). And then there is his “moo moo” face. While you are petting him he gets this look on his face, he goes down on the floor and rolls on his back to be petted by lucky you! Harry, our doodle/human is the care giver. Remember, he is one of us, the humans, so he doesn’t require much pampering. He’d rather do the pampering. So you can pet him for a bit, then he flings his nose up in the air, sort of snorts, and he is done with it. He walks away.

Harry owns all the toys. They are his babies and you better not touch them. He needs to pick them up when he greets you in the morning or at the door or anytime you enter the room. But don’t take it from him. Labradoodles may be lab mixes but he ain’t no retriever. If you toss one of his babies he will run, pick it up and plop down in his bed with it. Game over. Ace, the play master, knows this about his buddy. So sometimes he takes a baby just to antagonize, to get attention, to draw Harry out into some rough housing. Ace is all about play. In his younger days he would leap 6 feet in the air to catch a Frisbee, bring it back for more and more and more. Once Harry would show up and get the Frisbee, game over. Remember, Harry owns all the toys.

It has been a lot of fun these past 13 years watching these two buddies grow old together. Watching their personalities, so different yet so complimentary, wind with them through the years. They are proof that opposites can and do attract. They are even aging differently and yet, aging the same. They are slower, sleep more, spend more time checking in with each other. “How ya doing, old buddy?” “I’m doing ok today, how about you?” “Same here. Thought about asking to go out but I think I’ll take a nap instead.” “Sounds good, I’ll join you.”

7 thoughts on “My Buddies

  1. My dogs are quite similar to your dogs in a few ways. Carmela is our Lab/Pitbull mix. She is all about the people too. She is the owner of all the toys in our house. Kiko is the adventure seeker. He isn’t quite the hunter that your Ace is, but he definitely has hound in him and is very aware of all the animals around him. He is also a sweetheart. I loved reading about your dogs. It is so amazing to me how each dog has such a distinct personality. And your dogs are so cute too!

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