Best Day

Thursday. It’s my choice and I am sticking with it. I love Thursdays because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are still spread out ahead, just waiting. In their entirety. Ah, nothing like that feeling!

Why, then, are you writing this on a Monday, you are wondering. What could Monday have to do with Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? What triggered this post on this day?

I’m glad you asked that question. You see today is the beginning of the last week before Spring Break for me. So I have one week of work with an entire week off still spread out ahead, just waiting. In its entirety. Ah, nothing like that feeling!

It’s true, isn’t it. The best of anything is this elusive, odd sense that we develop over time. Because what is “best”? Best is only best because it is your opinion of what is best. Even if you have decided what is best for someone or something else, it is still your opinion. For example, you could tell your friend, “This is the best ice cream flavor, you have to try it.” And then they listen to you and are less than enthusiastic. Do you feel badly? Nope, because you still know it is the best and your friend is just crazy. Or a salesperson could tell you, “That is the best look on you!” You could be looking in the very same mirror and not be seeing it but you buy the outfit anyway. Then you wear it to work and friends could even say, “That is the best look on you!” But you still might not see it. Because it isn’t best to you. And that outfit lives in the closet until Goodwill comes knocking.

So I guess what I’m saying here is embrace your best. Whatever that best is. Set your own parameters and feel good about them. Love your best day. Buy the outfit that you feel is best. And by all means, eat that best ice cream. Argue your point with a smile because it doesn’t matter if you win the argument or not, does it?

It’s my best and I’m sticking with it.

7 thoughts on “Best Day

  1. Only 5 days until spring break! I’m with you that the best is truly our opinion! Knowing spring break arrives soon has me feeling that this week will be one of the best!

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  2. >> an entire week off still spread out ahead, just waiting. In its entirety. <<. Oh, boy, do I hear you! Just knowing that time is coming with almost no obligations gives me a giddy feeling. That's really been a good thing about the pandemic. Most of the my weeks spread out before me with few obligations. I have picked up some these past 6 months with virtual storytelling and some Zoom committee meetings. But there are days with NOTHING planned and those give me joy, too.

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  3. What a great message! So true- I have bought earrings that I love and put them on and- as much as I love them, they’re not MY best. A great reminder to follow your heart. I loved reading this- and I have to agree, Thursdays are the BEST!

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  4. I have to say that I am personally a “Friday is best” kind of girl. There is nothing wrong with Thursday. But once it is over, I still have to get up for work for one more day…
    Thanks for the entertaining read.

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