Aren’t smiles the best? They have been so missing for the last couple of years. I would smile at people I passed in the hall, remembering a second too late that they could not see my smile through my mask and may not have caught that twinkle in my eye. For although the twinkle was there, it is just not the same as the smile.

We had our Teacher of the Year celebration today. It was a surprise gathering that replaced a faculty meeting, woohoo! As I sat there I pondered all the smiles and the laughter happening around me. We are meant to smile and laugh and grimace and frown and, well, show emotion. Those masks cut us off from a very important way we communicate.

When I sat behind a mask I found myself hesitant to participate in a conversation. I was missing a big piece of me. The subtle tone changes were not as effective. The emphatic pauses lost a little something. Emphatic head nods are just not the same!

Today I brought Rodger back into the classroom. He is the egg I stand each year on the first day of Spring. It is a classroom tradition. Well let me tell you, Rodger was all aglow this year. You see, last year he wore a mask. Safety you know. Even for eggs. But this year, Rodger was all smiles and so were the children who welcomed him. And so was I!


6 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. Yes to the smiles! I agree it is so nice. Also, love the Rodger picks. I felt happy seeing him with no mask this year. Last year I remember reading about Rodger and thinking how creative you were to draw a mask on his face. Funny how our thinking shifts.


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