Ah, Saturday

There is nothing like waking up on Saturday morning. Your eyes sort of flicker open, brain not quite caught up. Turning your head you try to focus; What time is it? Why does it seem light out? Did my alarm go off? Am I supposed to be somewhere?

Nope. It’s Saturday. And everything is ok. Even if you do need to be somewhere it will be in Saturday mode. A little lazy, no pressure, no worries, everything is going to be alright. Coffee will taste better, hey, you might even actually taste it rather than just burn your mouth on it. Breakfast? Sure! No hangry midmorning today. A list? Well, yeah, I have a list. But I have all day right?

Now my favorite day is actually Thursday. I hear you, you are saying; Thursday?Why Thursday of all days? I could understand Friday and you have just gushed on and on about Saturday, but Thursday?

Let me explain.

On Thursday, the whole, ENTIRE weekend is ahead of you. You’ve got Friday, arguably a strong contender for the best day of the week, still ahead of you. Nothing can bother you on Friday because, who cares, it’s Friday. All problems go away for two days! My feeling is that you can always make it through Friday. So therefore, stay up a little later on Thursday because…that’s right, tomorrow is Friday!

And Saturday, you know, the best wake up day of the week, is something you still have to look forward to. All you have to do is get through Friday, wait, I love Friday (I know) and then it’s Saturday! So, therefore, logic would tell me that Thursday is the best day because I still have two of the best days to look forward to!

But today, today is Saturday. I stretched and yawned and pondered rather than jump up and begin the usual morning rigmarole. I already took my walk. I have a delicious cup of hot coffee in front of me. My son came over with a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bagel sandwich (best morning phone call; Hey ma, I’m going to get a bagel sandwich, do you want one?), heck yeah, Saturday is a great day!

Happy Saturday all!


6 thoughts on “Ah, Saturday

  1. I love this. And I agree totally. I have a group of friends that get together on Thursday night and we often call it “fake friday” because on Friday, anything goes….

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    1. Way back when I was in college Thursday was always a big night out. I think part of that was because lots of kids went home for the weekend, but still, I wonder if that was where it all began for me?


  2. And once you retire, you may find that Monday is your favorite day. It’s mine now. A whole new week to do things on my own timetable. Well, the few volunteer activities require some scheduling, but it’s still flexible and easy on my soul.

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  3. Shout out for Saturdays and Thursdays! You argue persuasively in favor of the joy of the not quite end of work week Thursday and now I will say, you’ve got a point. In the meantime, I share your gratitude for a relaxed Saturday.

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