I spent the entire day with family and friends. And that is a reason to celebrate. Any time you find yourself talking and laughing with people you care about, that is a reason to celebrate. And when you get to the end of that day and you feel full up with happiness and peace, that is a reason to celebrate.

This morning was the tail end of a celebration with friends. Family was there and that made it all the more special. Yesterday a good friend’s son got married and we were fortunate enough to be there

to celebrate.

Today was a day of cooking and preparing to celebrate again, with family and friends. Event the preparing was celebratory with my daughter in law back in the kitchen with me whipping up some of her magic. She and our son had come out from California to be a part of the wedding celebration and that was a cause

to celebrate.

And then the family and friends arrived. Dinner, laughter, smiles, and hugs. A feeling better husband, sons and brothers, wives and girlfriends, sisters in law and nieces and grandparents, all gathered

to celebrate.

Very fortunate I am feeling

to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. I enjoy reading your posts daily. I agree with this post…any time you get to spend the day with family laughing and having a good time…is a time to celebrate!


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