Yes, So Many (sigh) Books

I have my monthly Book Club meeting soon so I decided to post tonight about books. And reading. And thinking. And dreaming. And learning. And ideas. And, well, books.

You see, I love books. As I believe all people should. It’s a huge goal but a woman can dream. Books are friends. When you have a book you always have something to do. You always have a thought to ponder. You always have a dream to follow. You always find something to learn. You always have an idea to grow.

So I decided to Google synonyms for bookworm since that is a character trait of mine, or at least it is a name that fits me really well. The list was, well, interesting. And longer than I thought it would be. And pretty much accurate if not always flattering.

The list started with bibliophile, intellectual, reader, savant, and scholar.

Ok, I can live with those. Bring on some more you say? Next came some words “related” to bookworm:

learner, bluestocking, genius, highbrow

egghead, longhair, know-it-all, geek

thinker, learned one, cereb, acedemic

master, sage, wise person, litterateur

and the best of the best-

rocket scientist!

Really fun, right! There were lots more but you get the picture. And you get to be called all of these things just for reading books.


So, as I stated, tonight I have my book club meeting. My club had its beginnings in baseball. Too much baseball that is! Our then 10 year olds (they are now 30ish) were playing and we were watching. We got chatting about the amount of time we spent on baseball fields and whether there was something better we could do with our time. And that was how our book club was born.

I was fortunate enough to find a whole group of litterateurs to share my passion for reading with. We began monthly highbrow meetings where we geeked out over characters’ lives. Our intellectual conversation may have seemed eggheaded to some but to us it was pure

rocket science!

Ok, see ya, my fellow bibliophiles await!



7 thoughts on “Yes, So Many (sigh) Books

  1. Ha! I like hearing all of the synonyms! Some of my students are becoming “rocket scientests” and actually enjoying their reading with our independent reading this semester. I’m so excited. They laugh when I get excited about books and authors, but they get that I think it’s important and that I LOVE sharing my love of reading and books with them. Read on, fellow savant! 🙂


  2. I think it is really cool that you are still a part of this book club 20 years later! I hope it was a wonderful meeting; what book did you read this month?


    1. We have read tons of amazing books together but this month was not one of my favorites unfortunately. We read “Custom of the Country” by Edith Wharton but I could not get into it. So it was one of the rare books I did not finish (there have been about 4 total, maybe 5). I went though and could contribute to the discussion though! Next we read, Boys in the Boat. Can’t wait!


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