Out Like a, Lion or a Lamb?

The end of March is here people. Here in NJ it is going out with a bit of a bang. Kind of calm, kind of volatile. Kind of mild, kind of cold. Pretty much kind of normal. That is what March does. I honestly can’t remember if the month came in like a lion or a lamb. I know the beginning of March brought a kind of calm after all of February’s snow but beyond that, I’m not sure.

The concept of lion v lamb is an interesting one. One we could apply to many situations.

“Wow, the weather really went downhill today. I don’t know where all that wind and rain came from!”

“Phew, I’m glad that week is over. It started out great but by the end of it I was just done!”

“Wow, we really got lucky with this vacation. The way it started, I didn’t think we would ever be able to salvage it. But as it turned out it has been one of the best ones ever!”

Lions and lambs, right?

As I neared the end of 2019, I was thinking back on the decade (the 2010’s) that would soon be ending. I realized that I had gone through a really bad decade! I had lost my dad, my uncle, and my aunt (who had been like parents to me off and on throughout my life). My younger son had gone through some serious challenges (all better now, happily reported). My husband was diagnosed with cancer (an ongoing battle but he is doing well, again, happily reported). My mother went into near kidney failure and had to make some serious lifestyle changes. Our country spent four embarrassing years (my opinion, I know) under the leadership of a man who should not have been President, and prior to that my state spent eight years under the leadership of a man who hated public schools and public school teachers.

So I was really looking forward to a new decade. Lions and lambs, right?

2020 arrives with all its renewed promise and, yup, you know where I am heading with this. The world is besieged by a global pandemic.

Lions and lambs, right?

And yet, through it all, and I do mean all, I have to pause and think. Throughout this year of Covid-19, throughout that decade that delivered such challenges, there were lions and there were lambs. And throughout those vacations that almost went wrong, those weeks from (you know where), those days that leave you beaten up or struggling to get home, the lion and the lamb keep leap-frogging. Lion, lamb, lion, lamb, lamb, lamb, lion, lion…

Today I get my second dose of the vaccine. So that makes today a lamb day, right? Tomorrow I might not feel well as a result of the second dose (a bit of a lion) but still, in this case lamb trumps lion.

So maybe March is our reminder that we can handle the lions because there is always a lamb. And we must be humble about our lambs because there will be lions. But, ultimately, we got this. Because we have no other choice!

10 thoughts on “Out Like a, Lion or a Lamb?

  1. You turning the ups and downs into lions and lambs makes it all seem more “bear”- able! And like where you said – we have no choice so, let’s make the best of it. I love the way you strolled through the major events on your timeline, and you had multiple doozies there which are not for the faint of heart. Through out it all (including the politcal rollercoaster we endured these past years) you remain postive and resilient. This is evident in your attitude and the whole demeanor of your post. Beneath the surface of lions and lambs, this is quite a testiment to resilience, fortitude and how love of life can be – well… life-giving, no mater the circumstances:)

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    1. Thanks Deb. I so vividly remember realizing what a difficult decade it had been and soooo looking forward to all that the next could be! But at least the election went well! Hahaha, I don’t know how positive I would have sounded then!


  2. Your piece got me thinking about how life is full of lion and lamb events. I want to bring that balance into the way the I see things.

    I am reminded of another one of your posts about how every year has defining events, and in that way, the year of the pandemic is like other years. I found the idea very helpful. I wonder if you could reframe the decade as well by looking at the lambs with the lions This is not to make the losses and events less meaningful or hard — they were traumatic!–, but to make the past decade less potent as a beginning and end, and the new decade less disappointing. Just a thought.

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    1. You are absolutely right! I think that, for me, once the new decade began and the pandemic began there was a shift. Even recognizing all the events of the past ten years aided the shift. The shift away from “what we went through” towards a more positive “all we made it through”! Thank you for caring and replying to my post. For helping me rephrase my thoughts!


  3. I love this concept; another way to look at “lemons,” knowing that more will come with the season….so get squeezin’ Thanks for sharing, I think my March has mapped the same- ending on a gently high!

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  4. Your post was a really personal glimpse at relief, joy, and sorrow…and how when we set things into perspective, it doesn’t make things better but it does make them bearable. At least that’s my take. Here’s hoping we all can catch our breath in the decade to come.

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  5. I never thought to reflect on a whole decade, like you do here. I like how you use the weather folk-saying and apply it and apply it… I guess we can be grateful that whatever it is now, it will change!

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  6. I love how you used the metaphor of lions and lambs to relate to your experiences in the past 10+ years. I hope you have many more lamb days than lion days in your future.
    Congratulations on your second dose of the vaccine!

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  7. “We can handle the lions because there is always a lamb” I love the way you worded this near the end of your slice. You chronicled many examples of the back and forth of good and bad in life. Thanks for this reflective slice!

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