Thirty (One) Little Boxes

Like the 30 little boxes arranged in a six by five array, March progressed much like a game of Wordle. The excitement and the dread. How should I begin? Play it safe, go a little wild? How much time is too much time, I have other things to do after all. I’ve done this before, why am I worried? I know why, because I want to do a good job, and that requires thought and focus, I’m not sure if I have those things to give.

Ok, I made it a little further. And I’m ok, I’ve got this. I had some hits and I had some misses. I lost focus once or twice but I also nailed a few. Good job, good job. Now to move on, one step at a time. Learn from my mistakes and take time to enjoy the journey. All my practice is paying off because I am seeing things and that is helping me think. My thoughts are clear and my ideas are leaping. Oops, that was a misstep but it’s ok. I’ve got this.

Phew, a little stress. Why does it seem harder all of a sudden? Is it me or the pressure? WAIT, wait just a minute, I chose to do this, that means I want to be here. Silly me, what am I worrying about. It is all good! It does get more challenging because I have higher expectations. My skills are sharpening. I ask a little more of myself, stay focused, be alert. I’m almost there.

Well here it goes, I’m at the last bend in the road. One more to go. Should I end it here or should I end it there? Oh, here I go, I’ll take a risk. Because March, like every Wordle game has a beginning and an end. The beginning feels so alone. But then you move forward, one step after another and you begin to feel, comfortable. and stronger. And then suddenly, you find yourself facing the end. And you aren’t sure you want that to happen because, it is so rewarding to be in the midst. But time marches forward and the game will disappear, so it is best to end on your terms. And vow to come back tomorrow or next year for more!

It has been a wonderful month with all you Slicers. And just like a game of Wordle, reaching the end only means you have the beginning to look forward to all over again where surprises await. And just like discovering whether you were a HARRY or a STOVE, there is always a new story to share. See you next time!


3 thoughts on “Thirty (One) Little Boxes

  1. What a great idea to connect our two rages this month: Wordle and Slicing! I loved this and the parallels you draw between the two. I can especially relate to the uncertainty, but also the resolve! So much fun – all of it! Thank you for this!


  2. I have not tried Wordle, but I can see the art in your analogy. I enjoy your writing; I enjoy being your colleague; I enjoy being your friend. Congratulations!


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