It is with humble pride that I submit my thirty-first writing submission this Thirty-first of March, 2021.

Pride in the accomplishment.

Pride in the completion.

Pride in working under the circumstances.

Pride in the moments found, and used, to this end.

Pride in the ideas, day after day, even when no idea was forthcoming.

Pride in being part of this community.

Pride in the learning-the lessons-learned at the knees of my fellow slicers.

Pride in education, in each of our desire to improve ourselves, thereby improving our profession.

When I begin a conversation with a co-worker or relative or friend with, “Oh, well, it’s March and in March I join this writing challenge. Well, see, I made a blog and I write every day, um, it’s a community of writers and we read each other’s slices…”

I do get some strange looks.

I push forward at times, striving to get the feeling of this project into my words so I can explain. “Well, I follow this website called “Two Writing Teachers”. Every March they invite educators join a writing challenge. It is a way of strengthening our writing muscles, of experiencing firsthand what we ask our students to do. But we also read each others’ writings. And we build this community of writers. Of friends, really. And we go through this whole month together. And we meet new people every year and we catch up with old friends. And we learn a lot about ourselves, our profession, our writing skills, even the world.”

I do still get some strange looks. But little lightbulbs go off too. And the idea is interesting to people.

But no words can describe this month. It is a month of experiencing, not talking. Funny because writing is placing words one after the other in such a way as to make your thoughts, ideas, feelings, maybe fears, understood. Yet when trying to describe the SOLC, words fail.

But the sense of pride in its accomplishment endure.

Congratulations, fellow slicers, March 2021 is a wrap. Reach around and pat yourselves on the back!

6 thoughts on “Pride

  1. I too loved how you started this with the repetition of the word pride. These were my two favorite lines: Pride in working under the circumstances. and Pride in the moments found, and used, to this end. I also liked how you explained the irony of not being able to explain the magic of the event..

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  2. This is just a perfect ending. You nailed this space we have been in with great lines – “moment found and used,” “building a community of friends,” and my favorite – “It’s a month of expereiencing, not talking.” I love this! Thank you for including me in this grand adventure and opening up my view with slices of your life.
    We did it!!!!! YAY!

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