Garden Dreams

I was in my garden today.

A winter garden is a place for

dreaming. “What theme should this corner have? How can I lure butterflies and perhaps hummingbirds?”

planning. “Where can that path lead?  Who should pop out of the ground over there?”

envisioning. “Maybe a little height, just here, a new tree perhaps? How about some solar lighting, a little night magic here in the garden?”

tending. “Let’s get these fall leaves out once and for all. Time to trim back the bushes and grasses. Ok, roses, you too!”

A spring garden is a place for

planting. “One more rose, to replace the ones I lost. Let’s see, tomatoes for sure, but not too many, and peppers, squash, perhaps string beans this year?”

creating. “Color, we need color; let’s get some big pots and fill them with color!” How about a tree house, pleeeeeease, it will look so awesome!”

deciding. “Ok, got this great new bush, should it go here, or here…? To mulch or to not mulch; that is often the question.”

dreaming. Ah yes, the dreaming, the dreaming of




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