A Great Word

That was a beautiful story. It made me sad, yet filled my heart. I wanted it to end differently but I appreciate where the author took us. I am grateful to have read it because it will stay with me always. It affected me.

I love that song, it is so beautiful. And I don’t just mean just the lyrics, although they make me smile and they bring a tear. But it is the whole package, the lyrics, the music, the timing, even the pauses. It just evokes so much emotion. Just beautiful.

What a beautiful day! When I got up this morning and the sun was shining, I just knew good things would happen. Then, when I went outside, wow! I had to go back in and change into a lighter jacket, it was so mild! The birds were singing their little hearts out. The people I drove past on my way to work were even smiling. Let’s bottle this day.

“Are you ok? You look like you are crying!” Oh, yes, I’m fine, sorry. Let me get a tissue and wipe away these tears. Please, though, don’t worry. I was just lost in a moment. A memory. A beautiful memory actually, but it did bring a tear to my eye. Some moments are so beautiful you can’t hold it all in, you know?

He is a beautiful person. “Beautiful?” Yes, sorry, I should explain that. Hahaha, not all guys want you calling them beautiful, right? But he is beautiful, inside and out. It’s what makes him stand out. He actually takes time to listen to you, to think about things, he thinks about things. He shows he cares and that’s where his beauty lies.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I had never seen anything so beautiful. The blossoms were everywhere, like fairy wings, just blanketing the ground around the cherry tree. It was a pink carpet and it felt like it happened just to give me this moment of beauty. Hmmm, I reflected, it’s going to rain later. Good thing I walked back here this morning. I would have missed this beautiful tree.

There are words and there are great words. In my opinion, beautiful qualifies as a great word. It is a bit common, some might even say overused and perhaps abused. So be it. For me it is often the perfect word, the important word. And I am thankful for every story, song, day, moment, person, and sighting I use the word beautiful to describe.

My cherry tree, Spring 2021.

8 thoughts on “A Great Word

  1. Wow. Your title had me wondering about what the word would be, and of course expecting an unusual word. But thanks for celebrating this very common word. You remind us we should be grateful it is common, that we have so many beautiful things to apply it to.

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    1. You are so right. Remember the movie, Life Is Beautiful? It took place in a concentration camp and yet it did celebrate the beautiful aspects of life.


  2. This IS BEAUTIFUL! The photo at the end speaks the truth, but so does each precious example of beauty unleashed in the world because you are paying attention—that act of love. What language, too: “The birds were singing their hearts out…He shows he cares and that’s where his beauty lies.” Thanks for this.

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  3. I enjoyed reading about your use of the word beautiful. In a world that encourages us NOT to tell our girls they are beautiful, I search for other words that sum up that radiance that shines from inside out and tells me a person is beautiful. And I don’t ever find it, which forces me to take time to explain why I say a person is beautiful.

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    1. For years I have described a student who I taught as beautiful, both on the inside and out. It is that inner beauty that we notice on the outside, isn’t it?


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